Welcome to the Chronicles of the ill

What Does it mean to be chronically ill?



To better understand what being chronically ill means, let us understand the definitions of CHRONIC and ILL. Most dictionaries define chronic illness as ” (of a person) having an illness persisting for a long time or constantly recurring. Chronic illness has many sublets. Some are genetic, since birth, after a medical trauma, or as simple as and random as Cancer. Chronic illness is debilitating as it does not follow a specific timeline or is different for each individual.




“Why Create a Blog”




The purpose of writing about the chronically ill is to have a  platform personally to discuss/share the “adventures” of navigating the medical system from a different perspective. Additionally creating a space for other chronically ill or individuals who have stories and information to their thoughts in a non-judgemental way. Education and validation are some of the keys in which the chronically ill may start to feel accepted and understood by society. Breaking down the stigma of being ill without an end in sight as a choice or one person can just get over with “yoga or meditation“.




I welcome you on this journey as I speak on my personal stories and of those people who have entrusted me with sharing. This is real life this is our real life.











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